1. Receiving and recording and responding to public.
  2. Receive, record and provide feedback letter.
  3. Run book production control compound.
  4. Record, store and mark goods confiscated.
  5. Provides production data and traffic fines.
  6. Provide, send and record the notices issued.



  1. Enforce the provisions of the laws enforced by Pontian District Council.
  2. Ensure that all actions and enforcement procedures are carried out in line with the provisions of the laws and regulations that apply.
  3. Investigations, inspections of business premises, residential and public places in relation to complaints, patrolling regularly on compliance with the laws of Pontian District Council.
  4. Exercising control, patrol, investigations and prevention of the occurrence of violations by the public.
  5. Run and move the action of removing obstacles in public areas.
  6. Carry out inspections of premises connected with business, industry, trade, markets and hawkers.
  7. Conducting patrols and enforcement of obstruction and nuisance in public places.
  8. Running security measures during the collection of the payment is made and deposit money into the bank by the Finance Department.
  9. Conduct investigations and actions when there is a public complaints.
  10. Help Development Division conducted a preliminary investigation on the construction of the building and earthwork activities without the approval of Pontian District Council.
  11. Running action disassembly bunting / banner / poster advertising without the consent of Pontian District Council.
  12. Running action notice / notification to the dealer.