Definition of Logo and Color:


1.1  Meaning of Logo



Symbolizes the power of the King and the Pontian District Council under the auspices of a sovereign state.

Star Moon


Symbolizes Islam as the official religion.

2 Tiger 


Symbolizes the firmness and courage of the Pontian District Council administration in implementing the law.

Pineapple & Fish


Shows the main crops and also the main economic resources of Pontian district.

10 Blue, White Stripes along with Pineapple and Generator icons


The power symbol and pineapple logo showing image number 10 with a blue and white stripe symbolizes 10 mukims in Pontian district, namely Pontian, Rimba Terjun, Serkat, Air Masin, Sungai Karang, Jeram Batu/ Pengkalan Raja, Benut, Sungai Pinggan, Ayer Baloi and Fire- Fire.



Shows a new icon of economic contributor and also symbolizes the modernization transformation of development that generates income to the community in Pontian district.

Piai leaves


Symbolizes the unique position of Pontian district which is located at the tip of the Asian Continent which is a tourist area.


1.2  The meaning of color on the logo

Navy blue


Symbolizes the nature of friendly, fast, efficient, trustworthy and loyal service to customers.



Keharmonian dan perpaduan dikalangan penduduk dan warga Majlis Daerah Pontian.



Symbolizes purity and pure values ​​in giving service.



Symbolizes the fertile terrain of Pontian district.



Melambangkan taat setia warga Majlis Daerah Pontian terhadap pemimpin dan Raja.



Symbolizes courage and shared spirit in achieving progress.